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Scope of Service


Your financial guide

As your personal financial advisor, Query Capital will proactively monitoring and managing all aspects of your financial life. Below are some of the topics we cover. Our service is an all-inclusive relationship, responsive to your individual needs. Financial planning is appropriate for those with a small but growing stream of resources to those with highly complex needs. 


  • Create & monitor budgeting

  • Structure bank accounts and credit cards to suit your budgeting system

  • Navigate shared finances

  • Check if your spending and earning fits your goals and values

  • Work in gifts, charitable giving, wealth redistribution/reparations to your plan

Tax Strategy

  • Strategic planning to manage your tax burden 

  • Roth conversions

  • Tax loss harvesting

  • Paystub & withholding review

  • Coordination of your investments to your taxes 

  • Communication with your tax preparer

Career & Benefits

  • Review group insurance, 401(k) contributions, and other employee benefits

  • Discuss your career potential and prioritize life satisfaction

  • Recommendations for earning goals in line with your needs

Investment & Divestment

  • Review your current investments in retirement and non-retirement accounts

  • Learn about risk and return in investment selection

  • Professional investment management with company-level customization according to your goals and values


  • Figure out how your small business serves your personal finances 

  • Separate personal expenses

  • Set up self-employed retirement plans

  • Discuss liability management & incorporation plans    (insurance, LLC, S Corp, etc)


  • Make projections of your ability to retire

  • Savings recommendations rates specific to your situation

  • Analyze social security and medicare benefits

  • Discuss what financial freedom would look like for you

Real Estate Planning

  • Discuss plans to buy and sell real estate

  • Support reaching down payment goals

  • Discuss mortgage strategy

  • Track rental/investment property with other investments 

Caring for Loved Ones

  • Plan for having kids

  • Create and manage 529 College Savings Plans and Custodial Trust accounts

  • Plan care for elders

  • Cover risks to your income for dependents

Stock Compensation

  • Review company-level fundamentals of the company you own

  • Coordinate tax impact of stock compensation 

  • Analyze employee stock in the context of your overall investment portfolio

Insurance Planning

  • Analyze potential need to life, disability, auto, health, and liability insurance

  • Referrals to qualified life insurance brokers

Family Trusts

  • Analyze trust documents to understand your role as a beneficiary of a family trust

  • Coordinate with family advisors and advocate for your point of view

  • Advocate for your values 

  • Education on trust structures 

Estate Planning

  • Review need for will, advance directive, power of attorney and healthcare proxy

  • Referrals to qualified attorneys or software solutions

  • Coordination with your representatives and attorneys

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