You deserve clarity on your circumstances, alignment with your values, and a vision for your future.

Financial Planning

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All services are provided over Zoom video conference or phone call. 

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Introductory chat


If you're starting to have questions about your finances, let's talk about it. 

All of my engagements begin with a free 30-60 minute introductory chat over Zoom where I learn about you and what you're looking for. Book this conversation in my online scheduler to get the ball rolling. 

There is no charge for our introductory chat. 

Initial Financial Plan

Working with me begins with the creation of your financial plan.


A financial plan is a written document of your financial situation and strategy for your financial future. But the clarifying discovery process that we go through to create it is just as important as the takeaway.


My 4-meeting process is conducted over Zoom with emails in between.


After you've signed the paperwork, I'll get you started onboarding. You'll answer a questionnaire, upload your documents into a secure portal, and integrate your accounts for me to view alongside you. 

Meeting #1: Get to Know You: What matters to you? How are your values expressed through your money? What brought you to today? How do you envision your future? 

Meeting #1: Discovery: Let's get granular on your career, cash flow, assets, investment strategy, debts, benefits, and estate planning, and more. 

Meeting #3: Clarifying: How do your goals fit in with your current trajectory? What surprises have we encountered as we combed through your documents and discussed your finances? 


I go over your information again and integrate anything that has been progressing on the side. By this point, we start to understand the central questions in your financial moment. 

Meeting #4: Plan Presentation: I give you my honest evaluation on where you are in your journey. I provide actionable recommendations. You'll also receive a written summary with your financial projections. 

Review Meeting: Optionally, we can meet after the plan is done to reflect on our work together. At this point we can discuss what a longer-term engagement with me would look like. 

The initial financial plan is a sliding scale fee determined by your income, net worth, and complexity of your finances. $1200-$5000. 


Continued support

After we have mapped out your journey in the initial financial plan, I can walk the path with you in continued support.


In the first year, I help you to actually take action on the recommendations outlined in your financial plan.


As your financial life changes shape, my job is to proactively advise you on opportunities and risks. I help you expand your knowledge and stay informed. 

We meet via Zoom 3-4 times a year to create a space for you to focus in on your money. You have someone to call if a financial question stumps you. 

For clients who choose the full service track with professional investment management, I open accounts, manage your portfolio, and trade on your behalf. 


I also steer your portfolio towards metrics of environment, sustainability, and governance. By monitoring and researching your investments, I help you align your money with your values.

Clients who prefer to manage their investment accounts elsewhere may still access service through a financial planning only track. In this scenario, we track your financial goals with the assumption that no investment advice will be needed. 

Continued support is billed on a sliding scale fee determined by your income, net worth, investment needs, and the complexity of your finances. It starts as low as $100/month. 

sliding-scale financial advice


“Is it for me?”


First of all, everyone is welcome.

Most of my clients are in their late 20s to early 40s and starting to have some money to worry about. Many don't relate to the typical image of a finance person because they are queer, trans, people of color, or from a working class background. They want to be successful but don't want to sell their souls in the process. 

I may be the right financial planner for you if:

1. You have unanswered questions
about what to do about your finances and choices to make.

2. You want to show up with your whole self and explore your relationship to money. 

3. You are able to initially commit about 10 hours to preparation, email, and meeting time as we work collaboratively to create your financial plan. 

4. You want to learn, value professional guidance, and want to delegate some of the work of managing your financial life.



We work together to address all of your financial questions. Here are some of the things we cover: 
  • Full Review of Financial Situation

  • Relationship to Money

  • Financial Education

  • Income Strategy

  • Employee Benefits

  • Retirement Savings

  • Investment Accounts

  • Asset Allocation and Risk Tolerance

  • Insurance Review

  • Analysis of Student Loans & Consumer Debt

  • Credit Review

  • Education on Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  • Short, Medium, and Long-Term Goals

  • Cheerleading and Accountability

  • Stock Compensation (i.e. ISOs, NQSO, ESPP, RSUs)

  • Roth Conversion Strategy

  • Tax Strategy

  • Business Ownership

  • Self-Employed Retirement Accounts

  • Couples Finances

  • Kids & Money

  • 529 Plans 

  • Diversified, Values-Based Investment Management 

  • Estate Planning 

  • Intergenerational Wealth Redistribution & Philanthropy

  • Separate Accounts

  • Trust Planning

  • Fully Customized Investing with Option to Analyze Client Stock Interests