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Query Capital Pricing

Query Capital's mission is to make personalized advice more accessible to our community. 


Our fee is a sliding scale based on wealth and income. The price you see below is all-inclusive for the the work we do in the context of our advisory relationship. Since we may be in the position to advise you on whether or how to invest, we feel our model reduces conflicts of interest compared to the more common 1% of assets under management. 

The bottom of our sliding scale makes jaws drop at conferences, and we also cap our top fees. This represents a massive savings compared to fees for other experienced, full-service advisory teams whose rates start at $5,000/year for someone starting out and can range well beyond $100,000. 

Query Capital has the capacity to reduce fees by direct investment in individual stock portfolios rather than mutual fund portfolios whose internal costs can be as large as the advisor fee itself. 

It is our hope to provide the most benefit back to the community, one client at a time.  

Radical Fee Transparency

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