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The Query Capital Team

Landon Tan  (He/Him)
Certified Financial Planner

Planning Lead

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As a fresh-faced, trans-masculine former spoken-word poet and social justice trainer, it was a bit awkward when I first followed in my father’s footsteps to begin working as a financial advisor back in 2014.

Instead of differentiating sex and gender, I was differentiating stocks and bonds. I began on-the-job training in portfolio management and financial modeling. I earned a Certified Financial Planner™ designation, considered by many to be a core standard of competence in the field. 

I learned to love the nerdy quirks of the field and knowing I could do my part to help people to avoid unseen threats and go after what they want. I realized that I could use my knowledge of financial systems to act as a cultural translator and help empower my peers to make decisions with more clarity and information.  

I hope that this work can lift up the people around me and clue them in to the secrets and the realities of the capitalist financial system we live in.

Jesse Gerstin, MBA  (He/Him)
Certified Sustainable Finance Analyst (CSFA)

Investment Lead


I am on a journey to relearn our relationship to money and make personal values central to every financial decision. I believe that money does not have to be feared, or complicated, but we should be honest and intentional about how it impacts the most important aspects of our lives. I became a professional financial adviser after a dozen years spent working on community access to renewable energy and protecting local land and biodiversity, and helping to empower people has always been the most rewarding aspect about any of the work I do.


Outside of assisting people with rebalancing their portfolios or seeking more aligned investments, I also teach sustainable business and impact investing to college students, and actively invest in mission-focused entrepreneurs. I also serve on several non-profit boards where I help steer their endowments with an emphasis on environmental, social and governance impacts, and work with large institutions on their long-term strategic directions.


To find balance I enjoy running in the woods, experimenting with food, and adventuring with my family.

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