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Accessible Human

Financial advice

“Is it for me?”

First of all, everyone is welcome.


Most of our clients are in their late 20s to early 40s and starting to have some money to worry about.


Many don't relate to the typical image of a finance person because they are queer, trans, people of color, or from a working class background.


They want to be successful but don't want to sell their souls in the process. 

Query Capital may be the right place for you too if:
You have unanswered questions about what to do about your finances and choices to make.

You want to show up with your whole self and explore your relationship to money. 

You are able to initially commit about 10 hours to preparation, email, and meeting time as we work collaboratively to create your financial plan. 

You want to learn, value professional guidance, and want to delegate some of the work of managing your financial life.

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