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This position was filled in August 2023

Queer Futures Fellowship at Query Capital 

Query Capital is a mission-driven financial planning firm primarily serving queer and trans millennials. We aim to increase access to high-quality personalized financial advice, implement values-aligned investments, and march together towards a sustainable queer future.


Query Capital is seeking to train a future financial planner with a demonstrated commitment to the queer community to join the firm in a full-time role. 


The Queer Futures Fellowship begins with coursework and on-the-job training in financial planning and gradually grows into an ongoing role as a lead financial planner with Query Capital clients. 


No prior experience is required. We are looking for candidates who are relational, persistent, perceptive, curious, and methodical. 


The role is remote with a $40,000 starting annual salary and benefits. Significant raises are expected as financial planning skills are gained. 


Fellowship Trajectory


The learning process will begin by shadowing the lead planner and taking coursework in financial planning. 


Early on, your contributions will include:

  • Gathering documents from clients

  • Assisting clients with technology problems 

  • Inputting financial information into software

  • Managing data systems 

  • Making phone calls to financial institutions to confirm information


As you progress, you’ll also:

  • Draft financial plans

  • Participate in client meetings

  • Become an expert in the software platforms we use

  • Assess tax returns, account statements, budgets, credit reports, insurance policies, and other financial documents

  • Make recommendations that prioritize clients’ life goals

  • Communicate persuasively about hard-to-make changes

  • Brainstorm work-arounds that address novel situations


We expect that building to this level of competency will take about 2 years. (Though the learning never ends!)


After earning your CFP credential, you will lead relationships with clients and become an important part of their path toward financial peace. 


Note: you will NOT be asked to sell products or find clients to bring in. Your role is ultimately to help us keep up with the organic demand for guidance in a complex and unfriendly world. 





  • A demonstrated commitment to the queer community 

  • A deep and nuanced understanding of systems of oppression 

  • Impeccable usage of gender pronouns and new names

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (CFP Board Requirement)

  • Willing and able to pass a background check and fingerprinting (Regulatory Compliance Requirement)

  • Living in the United States (Regulatory Compliance Requirement)


No prior experience is required. We are seeking candidates with the following qualities: 



  • You have a warm demeanor and put people at ease during stressful moments

  • You have a friendly and accessible writing voice 

  • You’re an intentional communicator 

  • You find meaning in helping others and making a difference even when the work required isn’t glamorous 



  • You are able to troubleshoot the thorniest technological or situational roadblocks to resolution 

  • You double-check your work 

  • You will brave a telephone to get the job done if that’s what it takes  

  • You’re willing to provide accountability and do consensual pestering 



  • In a conversation, you notice what is and isn’t being said 

  • You’re quick to pick up on cues and vibe shift 

  • On a page, you catch typos and missing information 

  • Overall, you grasp the thrust of the story and can set the details in their place 



  • You have wide-ranging interests and a thirst for knowledge 

  • You see yourself as a lifelong student 

  • You want to improve yourself and help others to improve 

  • You want to learn a person’s history and see their future


  • You believe that good process is essential 

  • You find it satisfying to put information in its slot

  • You show up with consistency

  • You follow established procedures accurately and make suggestions to improve them  

  • You take pride in a job well done 


Work Environment



  • This position is REMOTE

    • Up to 2 weeks of in-person team-building (paid travel if applicable)

  • For local candidates, in-person work at our office in Downtown Brooklyn is an option



  • Traditional 40 hour Monday-Friday work weeks 

  • No evening or weekends

  • Hours should be roughly 9-5 Eastern

  • Synchronous work: The team is expected to be present and online during set work hours, as our work is highly collaborative and often time-sensitive


Pay & Benefits:

  • Starting salary is $40,000

  • 4 weeks paid vacation

  • All New York Stock Exchange holidays off (10 in 2023)

  • $500/month healthcare reimbursement

  • Retirement plan with 3% match

  • Significant pay increases are expected as financial planning skills are acquired  


Professional Development:




A career in financial planning is a hidden gem of work-life balance, opportunities for growth, earning potential, and a balance of helping others and nerding out. 


Candidates from marginalized backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 


P.S. This career may be an especially good fit for burned out social workers! Financial planning is like a less brutal case management. 

If you are interested, please submit an application here. Thank you for your interest!

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